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A step-by-step system to unlock your aiming potential


The Secret To Taking Your Aim To The Next Level...

Do you want to have full control over your aim in any FPS game?

Are you tired of not being able to consistently hit the shots to win rounds or games?

If so... keep reading.

Most FPS gamers don't understand all the variables that impact aiming... Such as all the equipment and settings that are best for gaming, how to grip the mouse, finding their optimal body alignments, optimizing their sensitivity, the best drills to train their 'muscle' memory, and the techniques to ultimately establish their hand to mouse to crosshair connection.

Aiming is a skill that can be learned like any other activity requiring precise hand-eye coordination like shooting a basketball, playing an instrument, and drawing.

Gaming is at the top of the list of the amount of coordination involved, as it requires pixel point precision to aim at moving targets while juggling all the other skills like game sense, movement, items, abilities, scoreboard, communication, and so on...

A massive advantage of finding your personal aiming formula is that once you reach the level of crisp precise aim, it will open up the rest of your gameplay. You no longer have to consciously think about aiming which allows your brain to focus on the important things like decision making, strategy, and game awareness.

Once you have complete control over your aim, your confidence is boosted and you can freely play the game with any playstyle you wish. Whether it be aggressive, defensive, sniping, rifling, entrying, DPS, support, any hero/class, weapon, and so on...

And the best part of finding your aiming formula is that once you have it, you can use it for the rest of your life. That's why the best streamers and Pro players can easily switch between FPS games and still have world-class aim. 

I've developed a proven system for PC FPS gamers to get better faster...

To efficiently and rapidly improve their aim...

Increase KDA...

Go from hard stuck to hard carry in ranked games...

Get the pro-level insight into how to aim train effectively...

... In as little as 30 days. 


  • A proven system to teach you step by step from the very basics to the advanced fundamentals of FPS aiming
  • Aiming is a skill that can be learned with proper technique and drilling the 6 major aiming motions
  • Even if you're a beginner or an advanced player who has developed bad muscle memory, this course will help you
  • You'll learn every variable there is to aiming so you understand how to develop your personal aiming formula
  • Once you find your aiming formula, you can transfer your aim to any FPS game for life!
  • If you practice the drills, processes, and systems that I teach you, I do believe it will increase your aim 2-3x faster than you doing it by yourself. Potentially saving you hundreds of hours of time.
  • Over two decades of fps gaming experience have been poured into this course 

You don't need any FPS experience to find the material in my course helpful. Actually, it will benefit beginners as the course progresses from the very basics and then to advanced concepts.

This course is designed to be timeless and applicable to any FPS game, whether you play Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, COD, or any other competitive FPS game. The fundamentals, skill-set, and techniques in FPS games are all the same.

Every single video and module in this program was designed with efficiency in mind. The entire course is scripted to save you time and matched with clear visuals and video content. My goal is to get you as good as possible, in the least amount of time.

Land more headshots, get more multi-kills, and start carrying your games.

Ranked games and playing with your friends can be stressful if you don't have control of your aim. With skill, comes confidence.


Applicable to these games and more:

Meet your Coach Ron "Rambo" Kim

I am a former world-champion Counter-Strike player, head coach of pro teams, and content creator.

M goal is to teach everything I've learned from my career to help gamers reach their goals.



Player, Coach, Content Creator

World Cyber Games Hall of Fame Member

  • Former world champion gamer and founding member of the first fully sponsored North American Esports team (Team 3D) - Established 2002
  • 20 Championships, 14 runner-ups
  • profile page

Former Head Coach

Coaching the best of the best at Cloud9, Team MVP, and compLexity has enabled me to expand my horizons not just as a player, but as a coach.

YouTube Content Creator & Coach of Thousands Of Gamers

With over 170k+ subscribers and 20,000,000+ views, I'm dedicated to helping you become a better FPS player through my YouTube videos.


This is all information from first-hand experience.

This is the exact aiming formula I used to go from being a 15-year old fps gamer to being a successful Esports player and coach.

To become a captain of a top FPS team that's won multiple world championships.

It’s the same step-by-step framework I teach to my students in my lessons.

Everything I know about how to get better at FPS aiming is in this course!


You might be wondering...

"What makes The Aiming Formula different?"

The Aiming Formula has been designed to bring to light all the variables in and out of the game that influence aiming.

Because aiming is such a feel-based skill, unique to each individual, there isn't one right way to aim.

Everyone's equipment, hand-eye coordination, and play-styles are different.

That's why I designed this course to teach you the important elements of aiming so you can create your own personal aiming formula.



I’ve curated the most effective, proven techniques and drills to teach you step by step how to find your aiming formula. You don’t have to be “naturally” talented to achieve a pro-level aim, you can achieve it by understanding the variables and how to optimize them to match your needs.

Watch this video to see the course outline in more detail:



The course has been designed to be watched in order from beginning to end with the videos building off each other. When creating your aiming formula, some variable you've never known about may end up being a huge chunk of your personal formula. 

Join 1500+ students rapidly improving their aim and seeing real results:

"Ron is a great coach that has a lot of experience both as a player and a coach. He understands how to work differently to match different learning styles and will definitely find the best way to help you work on areas you want or need to improve on as an fps gamer."

Dash (Instagram: @Dashw8616) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I first discovered Ron "Rambo" Kim a few months back when I was looking to improve my skills Valorant. Whenever he released the FPS course I was onboard immediately. As someone who has played fps games for years, I still found his course beneficial in many ways. Rambo is always happy to answer any questions you might have and is always looking for improvement in his students. I would recommend his course to anyone."

Bmack (
BrianTheNoobSlayer) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The Aiming Formula successfully distills years worth of aiming and shooter knowledge down into an engaging set of lessons that will benefit new and veteran players alike. This course contains everything you need to know to be able to deliberately practice FPS aiming skills across any title."

Dfnkt (

"Your course helped me leapfrog years worth of FPS experience. I was a MOBA player and skipped out of a couple of generations of great shooters. Sometimes the most 'natural' way of doing things isn't the best and FPS is no exception. It corrected a lot of the problems I was aware of and revealed things I had no idea existed. For everything else, the Q&A's and accessibility to you and the community through the Discord helps fill in the gaps."

Aiming Formula Student

"With this course I got what I payed for. My aim has immediately improved after finishing the course because I could understand how to perform the different aiming motions and what use case every one of those aim motions has. My aim wasn't bad to begin with but I have stagnated with my progress because I didn't do the aiming techniques the right way while training or playing matches. Now I know how to train my aim properly and I see progress every day as well in training as in actual games. The price of the course was a bit high for me because I am a college student, but I don't regret buying the course as I got the improvement and knowledge I was looking for and I couldn't find this information anywhere else, so the price of this course is justified."

80Volts (Twitter: @80Volts) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is by far the most comprehensive, in depth overview on the fundamentals of aiming currently on the market. This course is chock full of the necessary skills and adjustments needed to improve your aim. The information provided is applicable for not only gaming but for personal health as well. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who plans to game for long periods throughout their life. Whether it is hours every day for many years to come, get the information you need to succeed now, so you can start applying it as soon as possible. Thank you Rambo for your hard work and dedication to this course!

Randall F.

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The Aiming Formula


Rank Up Faster and Master Your Mechanics

  • Lifetime access to the Aiming Formula course
  • Master the 6 aiming motions used in every FPS game
  • Step by step advanced aiming drills and techniques
  • Learn to flick and track with speed and precision
  • How to find your sensitivity
  • Map awareness and peeking techniques
  • Custom Aim Lab tasks and playlists
  • Warmup Routines
  • Life-time access to the private Discord community
  • Access to the bonus section 



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