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How to Find the Right Gaming Mouse

Mar 14, 2024

 As a professional gamer, receiving products from sponsors, especially mice, is a favorite perk. I love experimenting with new mice to find the perfect fit. 

A normal office mouse typically has low-grade sensors that aren't as precise or fast as gaming mouse sensors and are built to save money, and not for performance.

To find the right mouse, it's crucial to test it with your own hand:

  1. Call local LAN centers to inquire about available mice.
  2. Attend LAN parties, events, or tournaments with BYOC (bring your own computer) and try others' mice.
  3. Visit electronic stores to get a feel for different mouse shapes and materials.

Things to test on the mouse:

  • Click feel: Are the buttons sticky or too sensitive?
  • Side buttons: Are they easily accessible?
  • Scroll wheel: Is it easy to scroll?
  • Grip: Does the material suit your hands?
  • Weight: Does it feel comfortable?
  • And of course the shape

After finding a comfortable mouse, experiment with DPI and polling rate settings for optimal mouse movement.

DPI (dots per inch): Higher DPI means more sensitive mouse movement. Common range: 400-1000 DPI.

Polling rate (Hz): Determines how fast the mouse communicates with the computer. Common range: 400-1000 Hz.

Experiment with other settings if needed -- many professionals avoid using drivers for their mice.

Hopefully this helps!