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Using the Fingertips to help with Aiming the Mouse

Mar 13, 2024

 The fingertips touching the mousepad can be a huge benefit for adding feel and touch when aiming the mouse.

The fingertips can be used as a "braking" system to help with micro-motions and for those long-range engagements when you're aiming a hair's width.

Try it out for yourself.

Try pressing your fingertips into the cloth mousepad - and the more pressure you apply - the more it should help micro-move the mouse.

I prefer the thumb and pinky finger on the mouse pad because they add a balancing effect. If I apply an equal amount of pressure with the thumb and pinky, I know my grip and weight pressure are equal on both sides.

Which fingertips you use, is up to you. Some like the pinky only, the thumb only, or the pink and ring finger - it's personal preference.

The key is to use that fingertip to feel the mousepad and help with your feel and touch.

Hopefully this helps!