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How to be a Great Teammate

mindset May 31, 2021

“One of the best compliments someone can get is that they’re a great teammate”  

One of my favorite qualities that someone can have is their ability to better the morale of everyone around them. The type of person who brings a positive attitude and adds to the good vibe. Someone reliable who always shows up on time with their full attention and ready to contribute. Someone, who you can proudly call a teammate. 

I’ve been fortunate to have played with some all-time great teammates in my life --- and what a joy it has been improving and competing alongside them.

Although a team is made of 5 members and each member being 20% of the team, I always tried to surround myself with passionate, reliable, and capable teammates that would’ve been 30% of a team anywhere else. When an entire team is made of people striving to bring their best -- instead of just trying to get by -- then you really have a championship team.

By far, the best advice I can give anyone trying to become a professional, obtaining sponsors, creating partnerships, building a community and fanbase, or for anyone trying to join a team -- is always trying to be the best teammate possible. 

This also includes playing in a public server with random teammates.

I can’t stress how important it is for someone to present themselves with dignity and honor, even against the opponents. I see too often young up and comers who haven’t matured or learned this lesson tarnishing their name and image from trashing talking in the game and through social media. Your reputation is everything.

Every time a person talks trash, they’re burning a bridge from every person that has read and listened to what they had to say. People don’t forget easily, especially when someone is being disrespectful to them.

If you want to give yourself the best chance with all the possible opportunities, be the person that all your friends, teammates, community, and even opponents -- have only good things to say about you -- and I promise -- many opportunities will follow -- after all, word of mouth is the strongest form of praise.

Here are my favorite qualities of great teammates:

  • Team first mentality - If a team wants any chance of being successful, every member should leave their ego at the door. What chance does a TEAM have if the members are only thinking about their own needs? A team-first mentality is the fastest path to becoming a great teammate.
  • Punctuality - If there has been a scheduled meeting time - everyone should be showing up at the promised time. It’s not cool to delay practice and the progression of the entire team.
  • Reliable - Someone that is reliable and I can trust to follow through with their word. If I have teammates who will do what they say, I know things will get done.
  • Positive attitude - If someone is spending more time being frustrated than having fun, then perhaps it’s better they find someone else to do. Positivity and negativity are both infectious.
  • Contributing - I would get a special satisfaction anytime one of my ideas was used with great results. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, especially if you’ve thought them through. The benefit of having a team is the addition of more thinking brains.
  • Attention and focus - It’s great to show up on time, but what good is being punctual if you’re showing up with half focus? Doing your best requires all of your mental capacity.